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Tuesday September 18, 2007

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Gallipolis Daily Tribune (OH)

Her life's work
Local poet's creations going into book form

Published: September 11, 2007
GALLIPOLIS - Professor and author Joanne Ford will reveal a sensuous story shrouded in mystery when her life's work of poetry is released by Canadian publishing company Libros Libertad later this year.

"I write to exist," said Ford. "My identity is deeply connected with being a poet. I teach, but a poet is what I am."

The collection of poems chronicles Ford's pursuit of a Grand Passion, presented in the form of an opera. Each chapter is presented as an act, depicting the creation, evolution and maturity of concepts in dynamic response to emotions and events.

"This is an autobiographical account of my life," said Ford. "For me, the operatic is not hyped, hysterical or romantic. It's living life on a grand scale, outside the box and pushing the borders. It's sublime, over the top, and grandiose, if language like that could be applied to a person's life. That's how I've tried to live my life, in a series of love affairs."

From her first singing master, J. Michael Yates, to whom she credits finding her voice, to her virtual love affair with opera singer Luciano Pavoratti, Ford utilizes her incredible mastery of vernacular to intimately describe those who inspired her.

Please see Book, A5

Book from Page A1

"If you are an artist, the world enters you through your senses," said Ford. "You take in the bird songs, the swaying of trees and the way light catches on a smooth white object. If you're an artist, you make sense of these things in an uncommon way. You take in the world and try to make sense out of it by absorbing the meaningful nutrients, and the art is what happens."

Ford utilizes her unique perspective to express vitality in her work, allowing both the outside world and her inner self to mingle in a creative blend.

"Most doing has little to do with one's singularity, it's dictated by the world," said Ford. "A large portion is prescribed by the box you're in. Art is an expression that is singular."

Currently in the editing process, the book, titled Eros Operatica, will be sold through the publisher and through local businesses. Using promotional events like book parties and poetry readings, Ford hopes to generate much interest for the publication.

Ford's account of subjects like love, fantasy, music, philosophy, destiny and vampires will keep readers rapidly turning the pages as they absorb her intense style.

"I've always had a gothic sensibility," said Ford. "I have never aspired to 'happily ever afterness.' The style of that, is not my style, which is composed of Opera capes, gothic black, and erotic excess."

Accomplished author Joanne Ford poses with her feline friend, Husserl. A collection of poetry titled Eros Operatica, which chronicles several stages of Ford's life will be published later this year.

Joy Kocmoud/photo

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