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From Diapers Hill to Widows' Hill

Homes in Don McLellan's old Renfrew Heights neighbourhood now sell for a million-plus. He remembers when it was a low budget haven for returning veterans.... more

PW Bridgman's The Mars Hotel featured in Dancing on the Edge festival

The Mars Hotel began as an ultra-short story by Vancouver writer P.W. Bridgman... The resulting piece was to be a gift to his wife, but has morphed into much more.... more

Review: Hear Me Out

Three months after asking her lover to leave, Tzoutzi Matzourani is tormented by his absence.... more

Review: Standing at an Angle to My Age

In "The Long Outing," one of the stories in P.W. Bridgman's Standing at an Angle to My Age, an introverted young man recalls his childhood rejection of language and family: "I opened my mouth and let her... more

Manolis' "Nostos and Algos" has been released in Serbian

Manolis' "Nostos and Algos" has been released in Serbian by publishers SZIVERI in Serbia... more

Longhand lives - for $5,000 per copy

Poet and publisher Manolis Aligizakis has announced his most extraordinary book – a facsimile of his own handwritten version of Erotokritos, a romantic-epic poem composed by Vitzentzos Kornaros of... more

Manolis' poems published in Jordan magazine

Libros Libertad is pleased to announce that Manolis' poems JUSTIFICATION and AMORPHOUS from AUTUMN LEAVES (Ekstasis Editions, 2014) have been translated into Arabic by Ali Znaidi and published in the literary... more

An Interview with P.W.Bridgman

"Your style is, at times, reminiscent of some of the old classics. Who has inspired you most?" "Certainly, I have been inspired by the likes of Dickens, Austen, James and their ilk. But I have been equally... more

Manolis' "Nostos and Algos" translated into Hungarian

Manolis' poetry book "Nostos and Algos", Ekstasis Editions, Victoria, Canada, 2012, translated into Hungarian by Karoly Csiby, professor of the Dunaujvaros University, Hungary, has been published in Bratislava,... more

Double Book Launch: "Autumn Leave" and "Purple Haze"

Double Book Launch with Wine and Cheese Reception for Candice James' "Purple Haze" & Manolis' "Autumn Leaves" takes place on Saturday, July 12, 2014 at 1:30-3:30pm... more