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Manolis' "George Seferis–Collected Poems" shortlisted for Greek National Literary Awards

Manolis' "George Seferis–Collected Poems" has been shortlisted for the Greek National Literary Awards, the highest literary honour in Greece.... more

Manolis' Übermensch released in Austria

Manolis' bilingual (English/Greek) reverie about his own spiritual journey in Übermensch (Ekstasis) has been translated into German and published by Windrose publishers in Austria.... more

"Bringing Greek poetry to the far ends of the globe"

the last few days I received from Canada an unexpected gift. Manolis Aligizakis' latest achievement: Yannis Ritsos' poetry translated by Manolis. A book of selected poems presented in both Greek and English,... more

Time of year for royalties

For authors: Royalties over $20.00 will be mailed out soon. Royalties of lesser amount will be retained until next year.... more

Manolis translates "Three Greek Poets" on

Manolis presents his translations for poems by Thessaloniki-based Cloe Koutsoubelis and Alexandra Bakonika, as well as the giant of 20th century poetry, Yannis Ritsos.... more

Manolis' Ubermensch reviewed on

Ubermensch, by Manolis Aligizakis is the most difficult and most philosophical poetry book I have come across. And rightfully so since it is identified with Nietzsche's "Ubermensch" so much in the plot... more

Flash concision is Bridgman's Way

Not all authors hanker for publicity. A precious few adopt pseudonyms and avoid the limelight like the plague. In Standing at an Angle to My Age, the very shortest stories, referred to as "flash fictions,"... more

Ken Kirkby featured on Mima Gallery website

Ken Kirkby is a Featured Artist on the Mima Gallery homepage, promoting his biography, "Ken Kirkby: A Painter's Quest for Canada" by Goody Niosi, and Giclée Editions published by Mima.... more

Manolis' "Nostos si Algos" released in Romania

Manolis' book "Nostos si Algos", translated in Romanian by Lucia Gorea, has just been released by DELLART in Cluj Napoca, Romania.... more

Prose and Poetry in White Rock

Held on Thursday Oct 24th at 7-9pm in Pelican Rouge Cafe in White Rock, BC, Prose and Poetry will feature Manolis' latest published poetry Cloe and Alexandria, and Übermensch, as well as Ron Duffy's... more