Celebrating our 7th year in press


Manolis' "George Seferis–Collected Poems" shortlisted for Greek National Literary Awards

Manolis' "George Seferis–Collected Poems" has been shortlisted for the Greek National Literary Awards, the highest literary honour in Greece.... more

Manolis' Übermensch released in Austria

Manolis' bilingual (English/Greek) reverie about his own spiritual journey in Übermensch (Ekstasis) has been translated into German and published by Windrose publishers in Austria.... more

"Bringing Greek poetry to the far ends of the globe"

the last few days I received from Canada an unexpected gift. Manolis Aligizakis' latest achievement: Yannis Ritsos' poetry translated by Manolis. A book of selected poems presented in both Greek and English,... more

Our Philosophy

We know that not every book gets published, but we also know that there are those who deserve to get published but don't. That is why we are here.

Libros Libertad is free. Free from corporate pressures; free from interference from the suits in accounting; free from marketing gurus; free from the agendas of arts bureaucrats and their funding criteria.

So, Libros Libertad can take risks with new or unfashionable talents, voices from across the whole range of world culture – be they avant garde or traditional. Genres and genders don't matter. Vision and voice do.