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  • 40% discount for bookstores
  • 40% discount for wholesalers
  • 50% discount for non-returnable and pre-paid
  • No minimum order
  • Free shipping on all pre-paid orders of five (5) or more books
  • Free shipping on orders of ten (10) or more books

All invoices are issued on a 60 days net policy.

Standard returns policy

No returns are permitted.


Libros Libertad books are also distributed by Canadabooks Ltd, the distribution arm of Ekstasis Editions.

Featured Book

Tides at the Edge of the Senses

Tides at the Edge of the Senses

by John Skapski

"The more profound the truth you wish to teach, the more subtly you must seduce the senses..." Nietzsche's aphorism is embodied beautifully in John Skapski's collection. ... more