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Download 2011-12 Catalogue (PDF)

by Károly Fellinger
& Márta Gyermán-Tóth

Cloe and Alexandra
by Cloe and Alexandra
& Manolis

Ken Kirkby – Warrior Painter
by Patricia Fraser

In Turbulent Times
by Ron Duffy

Standing at an Angle to My Age
by P.W. Bridgman

George Seferis – Poems
by George Seferis
& Manolis

Jazz with Ella
by Jan DeGrass

by Manolis
& Ken Kirkby & friends

The Unquiet Land
by Ron Duffy

Water in the Wilderness
by Doris Riedweg

Midnight Embers
by Candice James

Secrets Kept / Secrets Told
by Ben Nuttall-Smith

Small Change
by George Amabile

by Manolis

by Shirley Camia

The Perimeter Dog
by Julie Vandervoort

The Circle
by Manolis

by Fauzia Rafique

Bright Bardo
by Ilya Tourtidis

Blood, Feathers & Holy Men
by Ben Nuttall-Smith

Opera Bufa
by Manolis

Yannis Ritsos – Poems
by Yannis Ritsos
& Manolis

Still Waters
by Doris Riedweg

Nukes on the 49th
by Michael Zrymiak

Within These Bonds
by Loreena Lee

by Manolis
& Ken Kirkby

Grass Widow
by Apryl Leaf

Observations from Off the Grid
by Angela Long

Faded Love
by Robert N. Friedland

by Manolis

Common Threads
by Doris Ray

Path of Descent and Devotion
by Ilya Tourtidis

Ken Kirkby: A Painter's Quest for Canada
by Goody Niosi

Satin Shoes
by Loreena Lee

by Manolis

Fury of the Wind
by Doris Riedweg

by Luisa Maria Celis

Requiem of the Human Soul
by Jeremy Lent

Constantine P. Cavafy – Poems
by Constantine P. Cavafy
& Manolis

The Story of Your Ancestors
by James Gangsan

Fantasy Land
by Nikitas Terzis

by Manolis

Time of Plenty
by Ed O'Brien

He Rode Tall
by Ross Buchanan

In the Quiet After Slaughter
by Don McLellan

Passe Partout
by Sam Wharton

Travelling with Shadows
by Eduardo B. Pinto

Prairie Roots
by Michael Zrymiak

Petros Spathis
by Manolis

Eros Operatica
by Joanne Ford

Iliarjuk: An Inuit Memoir
by Dracc Dreque

Song Lake Summer
by Gene Lees

Tides at the Edge of the Senses
by John Skapski

Poodie James
by Doug Ramsey

El Greco: Domenikos Theotokopoulos
by Manolis

The Qliphoth
by Paul A. Green

Path of Thorns
by Manolis