Midnight Embers

poetry by Candice James


Words, when strung together like a beautiful rare necklace, are priceless, indestructible and eternal. Poetry is the grand ballroom these words live, breathe and dance in. Poetry waltzes into the heart and creates passionate rhapsodies and tender symphonies for the soul. Her playground of emotions is peppered with excitement, enchantment, love, harmony, sorrow, heartache, empathy and bereavement. Poetry is the rhythm of the universe painted onto paper with pen, ink and imagination.

This book of sonnets is alive with emotions and vivid imagery borrowed from the many splendoured paintings that light the canyons of the heart. Sonnets are the agony and the ecstasy of the human condition and hearts in transition. These verses are the midnight embers of the soul, some sparking and bursting into flame, others the residue of a passion so deep that it still warms the heart long after the fire has died.


I am the essence of my words today;

A living breathing poem newly born.

If it be worked into a tragic play

Then channelled out in music through a horn

I'll write to recompose myself again

Into a sonnet for the world to read.

To germinate and be blessed by the rain,

Those words that grew so tall from such small seed.

But if by chance this book of me you close

And lay it on the shelf to gather dust,

You'll miss the dew kissed essence of the rose

And all my silver words will turn to rust. 

I give to you my essence in this breath;

These living breathing words that know no death. 
Midnight Embers

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Paperback 5.5 x 8.5 in
116 pages
ISBN: 9781926763224

"In Midnight Embers, Candice burns the essence of love's sweet perfume onto our souls to reveal its burnt offerings."
– Janet Kvammen

About the Author

Candice James is the Poet Laureate for The City of New Westminster. Her first book of poetry, A Split in the Water was published in 1979 by Fiddlehead Poetry Books. It was a collection of surrealistic free verse poems characterized by vivid imagery. The late Fred Cogswell, a poet and recipient of the Order of Canada Medal was her mentor and encouraged her to continue writing poetry stating "she had the gift". However, music called to Candice and she spent the next 30 years as a singer/songwriter and bass player performing and touring. In 2010 she hung up her bass guitar and the band and dove back into poetry and became a familiar figure on the local literary scene. Her second book of poetry Inner Heart - A Journey was published in 2010 by Silver Bow Publishing. Her poems have appeared in numerous international anthologies, magazines, newspapers and e-zines. Candice is a founding member of Royal City Literary Arts Society; a full member of the League of Canadian Poets; and Past President of The Federation of British Columbia Writers. She has been the featured poet at many local poetry events and on local radio shows and is the creator of "Poetic Justice" and "Poetry in the Park". Purple Haze is Candice James' seventh collection of poetry.

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"Candice James is a poet with many facets to her poetry. In this book of sonnets she takes us on a journey through the agonies and ecstasies of love and then with the flow of her pen leads us seamlessly to the darker underside of the human psyche.

In Midnight Embers, Candice burns the essence of love's sweet perfume onto our souls to reveal its burnt offerings. Each sonnet is a true masterpiece of form. I found parts of myself deep within her words as she writes from that place in the heart we have all visited on those long lonely nights."

– Janet Kvammen