About Us

a breath of fresh air in the publishing industry

Libros Libertad is a new independent publisher in Western Canada. Our literary tastes are trans-generic, our cultural concerns are global.

At Libros, we believe that as media converge and tongues mingle, so publishing becomes a new entity, omni-national, polyglot, as polymorphous as its potential readers – and writers.

You could be writing in Mandarin or German, you could be living in the suburbs of Seoul or the wilds of Alaska. If you feel you have something distinctive to say, then feel free to contact us. We're looking for the gold in the melting-pot. Across the whole Earth.

Of course, the diverse roots of Canadians are a rich resource of creative energy and renewal. So we're also interested in discovering new talents who explore the cultural complexity and linguistic diversity of the twenty-first century Canadian experience. As well as established writers, older forms, voices from beyond...

At Libros, we consider poetry, fiction, drama, and short stories from Canadian authors.

Featured Book

Eros Operatica

Eros Operatica

by Joanne Ford

All biographical data: Whom one married. Whom one killed. Whom one taught or from whom one learned. How many degrees or accolades one received and when and where. Even the momentary fleshings out of essential... more